Quote iscrizioni

  • € 50 WDSF competition
  • € 30 “A” competition
  • € 60 WDSF competition + “A” competition
  • € 30 single national competition fee
  • € 30 single share over competition
    • € 10 for each over-added competition
  • € 25 single fee for competition class D – C (for classes D – C see regional regulation)
  • € 10 fee per athlete for artistic dances
    • € 5 per athlete for each added discipline

(Classes D must send the registrations by email to the following email : agostinopellillo@libero.it )

Dati Bonifico Bancario

IBAN n° IT92O0603010757000035349769
(the first O that is encountered in the iban is a letter)


ABI – 06030

CAB  – 10757

n° 533497/69

Haeded to ASD Royal Dance Sport Liguria
Corso Cavour 329 -19123 La Spezia ( SP )

Send receipt of payment to: aldo.mazzi64@libero.it

To be shown at the Check-in table

Dati contatti

Email – aldo.mazzi64@libero.it

Tel – 349 2108336 –  335 467713

address – Park Palasport, 19126 La Spezia SP, Italia


WDSF registration

FIDS registration

Technical Staff


  • WDSF M ° race director – Tondon Daniele
  • WDSF M ° competition presenter – Iurisci Nicoletta
  • WDSF M ° competition scrutineer – Di Lillo Michele
  • Head of music for WDSF M ° competition – Lupidii Erik

Gara Nazionale 

  • Direttore gara nazionale M° – Lomi Milko
  • Vice direttore di gara M° – Pellillo Alessio
  • Presentatore di gara nazionale M° – Guglielmucci David
  • Segretario di gara nazionale M° – Pellillo Agostino
  • Scrutinatore di gara nazionale M° – Silvestri Monica
  • Responsabile danze artistiche M° – Brighenti Stefano
  • Servizio fotografico – FOTOIMMAGINE


Use of mandatory heights.
The race number must be collected one hour before each competition.
Present yourself with the FIDS tender booklet in order for the current year and with the receipt of enrollment.
Entries that arrive without a copy of the payment will not be taken into consideration.
The organization reserves the right to make changes to the program for a better outcome of the race.
For all athletes who register in the WDSF competitions, we remind you that it is compulsory to have a WDSF card and therefore be in possession of the ID CARD, without which it is not possible to register.